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Week Three On the Island

Okay so week three is officially over and it was more fun than I thought. Chris and I went to the beach a lot, like always. No intestines this time.. sorry.  I went to my first Relief Society activity and it was.. different. I was the only one there without a child or three, the only one there that was born in the nineties and the only one there who doesn't live in TVA (Temple View Apartments or married housing on campus). They all were complaining about how TVA has no privacy and you can hear every kid  from your own bathroom. I then asked how much they were paying for rent.. $650 someone said. I laughed and said BE GRATEFUL YOU'RE NOT PAYING  $950!!  Don't worry, I didn't offend anyone.. they still invite me to do things.. 
 I think that's the hardest thing about being out here. Not being so involved like I've always been. But on Wednesday night I got a call from a girl in the ward.. she asked if I could watch her kids the next morning. Of course I said yes.. …

It's All Coming Together.. Sort Of

Weeks before coming out to this foreign land, Kai, Amy and Chris had all told me many stories of the popular Uncle Giggie. Chris told me that he goes to a lot of funerals and he used to call him to see if he wanted to go. Personally, I thought it was a little weird but it's just the Aloha Spirit I guess. So, Friday rolls around and Chris get's a call that makes him laugh hysterically, sure enough it's Uncle wanting to know if we want to go to a funeral. We were just on our way to the beach so Chris said no thanks, then Uncle said he would bring us food anyway. 

We get back to the house after a sandy day at the beach and there is a box of food on the doorstep. We opened to find Fijian food. Of course Chris already had the forks out but me, a little unsure. 

About the "All Coming Together" part.. It is. We have been SO lucky to have an amazing family who likes to send us packages!! It's so great for me because I feel like I'm really not forgotten out here. Ch…

Manta Rays, Sea Turtles and Intestines

No, it isn't a mistake, Chris and I did find the insides of something on the beach. But, let's start off with a good note.  A few days ago Chris and I were body surfing at Temples beach and I asked him if he saw the shark too. He yelled at me to get out of the water and we both intently watched for this "shark".  The next thing we see is an eight foot manta ray flipping its wings up at us with a little baby right next to it. I ran to get my camera and found, I didn't bring it! But lesson learned.. bring my camera EVERYWHERE!
So sea turtles.. Chris took me to Lanikea (?)  where the sea turtles swim up and lay on the beach. We walked down and I saw a massive sea turtle just hanging out, getting a tan.

So, about the intestines.. Chris and I were on our way to the beach again and walking along the shoreline, I saw something that didn't look right. I screamed just to freak him out and once we got closer, I really screamed! A HUGE pile of intestines! I told Chris to …

Adventures in Hawaii

So, this being my first post to my blog, I have no idea what I'm doing so don't judge. To start off, Hawaii is an extremely different environment from where I have lived in the past. Coming from Vegas (where people just stare) to Hawaii (where the people offer to help carry your groceries). Yes, it's different, but I love it.
 When Chris and I arrived to our new studio, our landlords showed us the place.. here it is.. ha ha When they say studio, they mean you can make dinner from your bed. Very small.  So, this is our small studio. It use to be a garage, that's why that paint job is bad. ha-ha Oh well, it's a place to sleep at night and we are grateful for it.
That night we went over to dinner at Chris' friend Teds' house. He lives with five other guys.. talk about loud and crazy. There was only one other girl over there. She is now the only female I know here, also now my best friend. :) After dinner we went for a walk to the temple (which is the street up f…