Adventures in Hawaii

So, this being my first post to my blog, I have no idea what I'm doing so don't judge. To start off, Hawaii is an extremely different environment from where I have lived in the past. Coming from Vegas (where people just stare) to Hawaii (where the people offer to help carry your groceries). Yes, it's different, but I love it.

 When Chris and I arrived to our new studio, our landlords showed us the place.. here it is.. ha ha When they say studio, they mean you can make dinner from your bed. Very small. 
Our tiny kitchen.. Chris was hoping to find food.
So, this is our small studio. It use to be a garage, that's why that paint job is bad. ha-ha Oh well, it's a place to sleep at night and we are grateful for it.

That night we went over to dinner at Chris' friend Teds' house. He lives with five other guys.. talk about loud and crazy. There was only one other girl over there. She is now the only female I know here, also now my best friend. :) After dinner we went for a walk to the temple (which is the street up from us).

Day 1: Chris and I went down to the beach, which is called Temples, it's on the Hukilau Beach. I call the sand here like Chinese "sticky rice". It is very sticky, which takes building sand castles to the next level. We played out in the sand and the water for a while and then started our crab hunting adventure. :) 
 There are also little amazing creatures we found called "blue bubbles" also known as jellyfish. They are so small you can barely see them but Chris has an eye for them because he says being stung "sucks". 


  1. You know what some of your best memories will be in that "Studio" home! :) So glad that you have a place to call home. Even if it is a little small!

  2. Yaahoooo! I love when people start a blog. A peek into your life, one well lived of course. Looking forward to reading your adventures!

  3. I'm silently crying because I miss Hawaii so . . . Kai was strung by the blue bublles (Portuguese Manawar) so many times!

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