Monday, September 27, 2010

It's All Coming Together.. Sort Of

Weeks before coming out to this foreign land, Kai, Amy and Chris had all told me many stories of the popular Uncle Giggie. Chris told me that he goes to a lot of funerals and he used to call him to see if he wanted to go. Personally, I thought it was a little weird but it's just the Aloha Spirit I guess. So, Friday rolls around and Chris get's a call that makes him laugh hysterically, sure enough it's Uncle wanting to know if we want to go to a funeral. We were just on our way to the beach so Chris said no thanks, then Uncle said he would bring us food anyway. 

We get back to the house after a sandy day at the beach and there is a box of food on the doorstep. We opened to find Fijian food. Of course Chris already had the forks out but me, a little unsure. 
Notice my Toy Story Mac N Cheese? :)

About the "All Coming Together" part.. It is. We have been SO lucky to have an amazing family who likes to send us packages!! It's so great for me because I feel like I'm really not forgotten out here. Chris thinks it's cool and that's about it. We love getting packages and letters!! Jeff wrote us and said "At my gay school, we had a new kid orientation and I had to say what hobbies I like. Bet you'll never guess what I said... Long boarding and surfing!! Yeah four smokin hot girls came up to me after. It was awesome." ha ha I think I laughed for five minutes straight. So, as I was saying we love letters! 

Chris and I ordered our first computer! How cute right? ha ha Chris was so excited.. the faces he made weren't staged. :)  Sorry this post is so random.. I'm just trying to catch up on all that has been going on. Including this adorable picture of Bubba and I. Amy this one is for you. I just think it's too cute to not put up

Bubba and Geeka :) 

Well that's it for today but there will be more to come, don't worry. Thank you moms for the packages. Thanks for the letters Jeff and Becca. We seriously love it.. well I do. If you'd like to write or even send something.. :) Here is our address: 

Chris and Sarah Hendrickson
55 512 B Moana St.
Laie, HI 96762



  1. I love the picture of you and Bubba! He said he wants you to come to his house right now!

    I love Uncle Giggie! Isn't that sweet of him to bring you food-even if you don't dare eat it! He's such a great guy!
    I love Chris' excited faces! They make me miss him:) I miss you too:)

  2. Giggie is awesome, I wish I could get a local plate of food. How do us Hawaiians deal with losing someone or celebrate a birthday or anything we do? Lots of food! Always make too much so everyone can take a plate home too.

  3. Last comment was from Me (Kai)