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Love and Lizards

I came home fro work one afternoon and found a little tin foil man standing in front of our wedding picture. Chris was at work so I just made dinner and with the leftover tin foil, made a girl like his. Just the little things we do to occupy our time.
Love in the title is referring to all of the many packages and letters we have received over  the almost two months we've been here. Of course I have taken many pictures and kept all of the letters where I can see them best.. the fridge. 

So, a couple days ago one of Chris' friends said that he had a guitar that we could have, so we took it. As we were checkin it out, there was a sticker on it that said "arah Loves you".. I thought.. PERFECT!! Let's make that "Sarah Loves You". :) Clever, I know. 

He plays all the time and I LOVE it. He wrote me a song while we were engaged and he plays that a lot for me. He knows so many songs and I make him play for me all the time. I also have to make sure he keeps playing…

One of my favorites

This post doesn't have anything to do with the 30 Day Blog, this post is all about one of my favorite people. This person means the world to me and she recently had a birthday. This special person is Amy  Davis. 

Why? She is...
crafty and has so many good ideasresponsible and proactivecalls me when I need to talk to someonethe type of person I want to bea loving, good mothercaring and kind to everyonehas made me feel like a sisteroutgoing and happyan amazing example to allsweet and sexy (from Chris.. okay me too) really from Kaihooked me up with her brother (now husband)I am so grateful for my older sister Amy who gave me Chris' e-mail address so I could write him and get to know him. I'm grateful that Amy and Kai offered Chris a bed to sleep on every time he came to visit me. I love you Amy. (You too Kai). These are some of my favorite pictures of our special birthday woman. :)

So.. Happy Birthday Amy!! We love you 

Day 5

My favorite quote would have to be.. 
"Don't take life seriously, no one gets out alive anyway". 
I heard that a while ago and loved it. Even though it's kind of funny, it is so true.

Malaekahana and more food

On Saturday Chris took me to another beach sort of close to us called Malaekahana. It was absolutely beautiful. The beach is right across from Goat Island which is where all the sharks are. So basically we were swimming with sharks. (just kidding). Once we got there, I realized I forgot my camera. Luckily Chris is able to send pictures from his phone to the computer, so we only have those. We only played in the water for a couple of minutes then wanted to go build a sand castle. It's really weird here because sand is different everywhere you go. In a earlier post I talked about the sand being sticky, therefore easy to build with but at this beach it was more dry.. making it harder.  Anyway.. here are a couple pictures of our sand castle. We made a castle, then wanted to make a temple and then Chris wanted to make it an Aztec village so we made another "Aztec looking temple". 

This is Chris/Uncle Caca with a Frito. I love him. :)
Right before we went to the beach, Uncle Gig…

Day 4

Sorry I've been slacking... no excuses, I'm just a slacker. Anyway, day four is our favorite book and mine happens to be... (drum roll) To Kill A Mockingbird. My junior year in American Lit, Mr. Waite had us read it and ever since then it has been my favorite. I love it. If you haven't read it, do it. :)

Day 3

Day three is my favorite tv program.. I have two favorites.

Grey's AnatomyDesperate HousewivesI know, I know you're thinking "wow Sarah" but they are kind of addicting. :)

Day 2

Day two is about favorite movies. I wanted to name some of the "oldies but goodies" and also some of my newer favorites. So here it is.. As you can tell I'm a big "movie watcher". I love a good movie and popcorn. :)

The "Oldies but Goodies"
The SandlotAnastasiaPocahontasThe Italian JobHocus Pocus (for Halloween)Seven Brides for Seven BrothersMy Best Friends Wedding50 First DatesChicagoHoliday InnFerris Bueller's Day OffUncle Buck Happy Gilmore 
Newer Favorites SaharaIron Man (Chris' favorite!)How To Train Your DragonThe KillersAccording To GretaThe Backup PlanThe Bounty HunterP.S. I Love YouWhen In RomeLicense To WedThe Stepford Wives13 Going On 30Hot RodNever Been KissedWhat Happens In VegasThe Bourne Series The Oceans SeriesFailure To Launch and Just Married (haha)

Stung, Bitten and Hurting

I know I already posted twice recentlybut I thought this trip to Food Land couldn't wait. The story goes like this.. Chris and I were on our merry little way and all it felt like there was a leaf on my foot. I kept walking and then felt a horrible stinging, looked down at my foot and saw a six to eight inch black centipede squirming around. Of course I screamed in pain and fear along with Chris who yelled also. It was horrible. Chris helped me walk home and quickly looked up how to treat a centipede bite/sting. Turns out they are poisonous and all you can do is rinse it with water and soap. I feels like my toe is burning from the inside out. So, that is my awesome story for the night. 
The picture below is what my little friend looked like..

The 30 Day Blog

I saw thison another blog I was reading and thought it would be kind of cool to do.. and also to keep me busy. I think blogging is going to be my new hobby.You just write down what it says.. so it's quick, short and to the point; just how we all like it. So, for the next thirty days (starting today) I will have something posted. 

day 1- your favorite song
day 2- your favorie movies
day 3-your favorite television program
day 4- your favorite book
day 5- your favorite quote
day 6- 20 of your favorite things
day 7- a photo that makes you happy
day 8- a photo that makes you angry/sad
day 9- a photo you took
day 10- a photo taken over 10 years ago of you
day 11-a photo of you recently
day 12- something you are OCD about
day 13- your favorite outfit
day 14- your favorite shoes
day 15- your dream house
day 16- a song that makes you cry
day 17- an art piece
day 18- my wedding/future wedding/ past wedding
day 19- a talent of yours
day 20- a hobby of yours
day 21- a recipe
day 22- a website
day 23- a youtube vide…

Wailele Falls

Wailele Falls
After a long week of sickness, Chris and I had heard about what sounded like a pretty cool hike, so we decided to get out of the house and go! His teacher (Kendra, the one that took us kayaking) told us about Wailele Falls; a beautiful hike in the Hawaiian mountains that swerves in and out of a river and leads up to a gorgeous waterfall that you can jump into from rocks high above it. This is exactly what I needed after a whole week of not seeing anything but the inside of our small studio. 
Saturday came and we were out the door, wearing our swim suits, so excited to have some fun and get wet. As we were hiking Chris smacked a Mosquito off my shoulder, right then, I knew we were going to have problems. 

Forty-five minutes later I began to feel let down and almost lost. We kept going only to find massive and beautiful plants and trees. Making me feel right at home. :)

This picture is roots from one of the trees I was hugging. Crazy right? And the one below is just to show yo…

Growing Up

This post isn't going to have a bunch of cute pictures from places I've been or about the great time I'm having, no, it's about being a responsible adult. And how I owe every parent that tried to teach me something when I wouldn't listen, an apology. I just want Peter Pan to come pick me up and take me with him ( to Neverland).

Remember when you were a kid and your biggest worry was if you're going to get a bike for you're birthday or if you can sneak the cookies for breakfast? Being an adult, totally over-rated. Seriously, don't be fooled by the no parents everywhere telling you what to do or the eating whatever you want, whenever you want. Adulthood is responsibility. The funny thing is, people try to tell you that your whole life and still you don't believe them, UNTIL, that day comes when a strange return missionary comes to sweep you off your feet and take you to what he calls "paradise". Responsibility really does stink.

 As a kid, you…