Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Growing Up

This post isn't going to have a bunch of cute pictures from places I've been or about the great time I'm having, no, it's about being a responsible adult. And how I owe every parent that tried to teach me something when I wouldn't listen, an apology. I just want Peter Pan to come pick me up and take me with him ( to Neverland).

Remember when you were a kid and your biggest worry was if you're going to get a bike for you're birthday or if you can sneak the cookies for breakfast? Being an adult, totally over-rated. Seriously, don't be fooled by the no parents everywhere telling you what to do or the eating whatever you want, whenever you want. Adulthood is responsibility. The funny thing is, people try to tell you that your whole life and still you don't believe them, UNTIL, that day comes when a strange return missionary comes to sweep you off your feet and take you to what he calls "paradise". Responsibility really does stink.

 As a kid, you never worry about if we have enough dish soap or if the rent has been paid. Being here, out on my own has taught me some things recently. The other day Chris and went to Target to get some "home" things, like a trash can for our shack. We got home and totally forgot to get trash bags. It's just the little things that you think mom will have picked up for you. As embarrassing as that is to tell, I just want you to know what I'm going through.

At age seventeen, I graduated High School, graduated from Seminary and a week later got engaged. About a month later, turned eighteen, got married to a man I knew I was suppose to marry but didn't quite know to well, my family moved to Utah and I moved to Hawaii. All within four months!! On top of that I had to grow up. Are you kidding? That's a lot. I now realize that there is a lot of responsibility to being an adult. Oh and trust me, I'm not saying at all that I know everything because (this is for you mom) I don't know everything!  I'm just starting to get it. 

I heard this song "The House That Built Me" by Miranda Lambert and it made me think about my family and the homes I've grown up in. All the places I've been; Idaho, Oregon, Utah, California and Nevada.  Moving here should have been easy right? It's not. I know this all sounds like just complaining but I promise it's not. There is a point to this post.. I will get to it later.

A couple days ago I was really struggling with making meals and coming up with ideas for dinners. (Yes, Kai I have been making dinners!:) I called my mom and told her I was sorry for complaining about dinners and "not having enough food" when there was always a fridge full. She laughed and said "Eighteen years later I get to hear that". :) Yes. You mothers are right. So..
The point is I love my mommy and being an adult stinks sometimes. Don't worry friends I still love my life and I love Chris with all my heart.. I just don't want to grow up. 

I love you mom. I love my sisters (all of them). Well.. that's it but check again soon. I'm going hiking to a waterfall tomorrow and I should have pictures! I love you all. Aloha :) 


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  2. Dear Sar Bear,
    I always thought hearing the words "I'm sorry, you're right, and thank you" would be so fulfilling. I guess on some level they were but more than anything, they made sad. Not because I don't value them but because it cemented in my mind that I really didn't think I would "loose" you so soon. I know we are still connected and always will be but I mean the everyday stuff of life has forever changed. You are embarking on this new/older phase of your life which is both good and bad. The more you grow and learn, the less you will need me. It's how is it suppose to work though so I should just buck up and get used to the idea. You will grow to be a wonderful wife, mother, teacher, leader, etc. You have one of the strongest spirits of anyone I know. That will carry you through a lot of things in this life. You came to this world to change something, I think that that something was me.
    So who cares if you don't have trash can bags. There are more important things in life. You know it and I know it. A mother couldn't be more proud than I am of you. You brought sunshine (and sometimes thunder & lightening) to our lives from the very first day of your life. I should be thanking you my dear.
    I love you!...more!

  3. I have struggled with dinner ideas too.. I mean really, why makes a cassrole thats meant for a whole family and only have two people.. It can be frustrating.. For my bridal shower I got a really nifty cook book.. You can get it at desert book.. Its called 'Cooking for two'.. Can I say awesome! Its great for different kinds of meals, and they are inexpensive.. Good luck!