Love and Lizards

I came home fro work one afternoon and found a little tin foil man standing in front of our wedding picture. Chris was at work so I just made dinner and with the leftover tin foil, made a girl like his. Just the little things we do to occupy our time.

Love in the title is referring to all of the many packages and letters we have received over  the almost two months we've been here. Of course I have taken many pictures and kept all of the letters where I can see them best.. the fridge. 

So, a couple days ago one of Chris' friends said that he had a guitar that we could have, so we took it. As we were checkin it out, there was a sticker on it that said "arah Loves you".. I thought.. PERFECT!! Let's make that "Sarah Loves You". :) Clever, I know. 

He plays all the time and I LOVE it. He wrote me a song while we were engaged and he plays that a lot for me. He knows so many songs and I make him play for me all the time. I also have to make sure he keeps playing because his Aunt Lisa threatened me. :) He loves it and I love it. 

Yesterday Chris found a little critter under our rug by the shower.. seriously.. little. Poor little guy never stood a chance. 

Can you see him?

So how's that for random? Well, least I put a blog up today right? We miss and love everyone! Aloha 


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