Malaekahana and more food

On Saturday Chris took me to another beach sort of close to us called Malaekahana. It was absolutely beautiful. The beach is right across from Goat Island which is where all the sharks are. So basically we were swimming with sharks. (just kidding). Once we got there, I realized I forgot my camera. Luckily Chris is able to send pictures from his phone to the computer, so we only have those. We only played in the water for a couple of minutes then wanted to go build a sand castle. It's really weird here because sand is different everywhere you go. In a earlier post I talked about the sand being sticky, therefore easy to build with but at this beach it was more dry.. making it harder.  Anyway.. here are a couple pictures of our sand castle. We made a castle, then wanted to make a temple and then Chris wanted to make it an Aztec village so we made another "Aztec looking temple". 

This is Chris/Uncle Caca with a Frito. I love him. :)

Right before we went to the beach, Uncle Giggie called informing is that dinner was on him tonight. Him and Aunt Jo had three funerals to go to that day and they would bring food to us when it was over. He called while we were at the beach, Chris told him where we were and he came to pick us up and take us home. (Which was so so nice). He dropped us off and gave us a lot of food. 

This last picture is a poi roll. Very famous stuff around here. It was... good. Like a doughnut but Hawaiian style.  That's all for today. Thanks for checking in on us. :)


  1. Your blog is so cute! I want to come visit :)

  2. Love your updates . . .that 30 day post thing is a good idea . . . did you quit already?:)
    I asked Kiera what a good punnishment for hitting would be and she siad it should be to send her to live with you and Caca! That makes me fear that the hitting won't stop!:)


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