One of my favorites

This post doesn't have anything to do with the 30 Day Blog, this post is all about one of my favorite people. This person means the world to me and she recently had a birthday. This special person is Amy  Davis. 

Why? She is...
  • crafty and has so many good ideas
  • responsible and proactive
  • calls me when I need to talk to someone
  • the type of person I want to be
  • a loving, good mother
  • caring and kind to everyone
  • has made me feel like a sister
  • outgoing and happy
  • an amazing example to all
  • sweet and sexy (from Chris.. okay me too) really from Kai
  • hooked me up with her brother (now husband)
I am so grateful for my older sister Amy who gave me Chris' e-mail address so I could write him and get to know him. I'm grateful that Amy and Kai offered Chris a bed to sleep on every time he came to visit me. I love you Amy. (You too Kai). These are some of my favorite pictures of our special birthday woman. :)

One of my favorites.. The matchmakers with the match 

So.. Happy Birthday Amy!! We love you 



    1. That was such a sweet post, Sarah. Thank you so much for brightening my day!
      I hope to take lots of more wonderful pictures with you once I have lost all my pregnancy weight!
      xoxxo- Love you!


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