Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stung, Bitten and Hurting

I know I already posted twice recently but I thought this trip to Food Land couldn't wait. The story goes like this.. Chris and I were on our merry little way and all it felt like there was a leaf on my foot. I kept walking and then felt a horrible stinging, looked down at my foot and saw a six to eight inch black centipede squirming around. Of course I screamed in pain and fear along with Chris who yelled also. It was horrible. Chris helped me walk home and quickly looked up how to treat a centipede bite/sting. Turns out they are poisonous and all you can do is rinse it with water and soap. I feels like my toe is burning from the inside out. So, that is my awesome story for the night. 
The picture below is what my little friend looked like..

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