Wailele Falls

Wailele Falls

After a long week of sickness, Chris and I had heard about what sounded like a pretty cool hike, so we decided to get out of the house and go! His teacher (Kendra, the one that took us kayaking) told us about Wailele Falls; a beautiful hike in the Hawaiian mountains that swerves in and out of a river and leads up to a gorgeous waterfall that you can jump into from rocks high above it. This is exactly what I needed after a whole week of not seeing anything but the inside of our small studio. 

Saturday came and we were out the door, wearing our swim suits, so excited to have some fun and get wet. As we were hiking Chris smacked a Mosquito off my shoulder, right then, I knew we were going to have problems. 

Forty-five minutes later I began to feel let down and almost lost. We kept going only to find massive and beautiful plants and trees. Making me feel right at home. :)

This picture is roots from one of the trees I was hugging. Crazy right? And the one below is just to show you the size of everything growing thing around here.

So we continued to hike and after a long hour we finally came to the waterfall! My first thought was, "This can't be it".. "Really? This is the waterfall?". Yes. It was the "beautiful waterfall" we were told about. 

The waterfall was very small and the pond to jump in was disgustingly dirty and a dark dark blue color. There was no way I was gonna jump in that. I guess we got some cool pictures, but to Chris and I, who have more mosquito bites than we can count, it wasn't worth it. We came home, tired and itchy, but don't worry, we learned our lesson. Research the place before you go and bring bug spray. We probably won't be going on any hikes for a while. We did have some fun.. taking pictures? :) Oh and eating bananas. 

Just kidding we didn't eat them. They were on a farm and that's called stealing, besides they weren't even ripe. :) 


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