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Our North Shore Adventure

For the long Thanksgiving weekend Chris took me to see the beautiful North Shore. I have lived here for just about three months and haven't really been to see the sights. Our first stop was Turtle Bay:

As we were driving towards Haleiwa, we passed the 2010 O'Neill World Cup at Sunset Beach. I only got these two pictures because there were too many people to try and stop. 

Then we were on our way to get something to eat but I found an old building and wanted to get some pictures.. 

NOT Reccomended!

Okay I've got to be honest, I did something really really stupid. I mean really.. seriously dumb. Chris went to the library and I decided to go with. He started writing his paper and I got on Netflix. 

A couple weeks ago I got invited to a invited to a "girls night out" with a bunch of Chris' lifeguard friends. We went out to dinner and talked like girls do.. for hours. :) Then we started talking about scary movies. One mentioned "The Haunting In Connecticut". 

Back to the library.. here I am on Netflix wanting to watch a good movie. I find "The Haunting In Connecticut" and hit play. After short, loud screams every now and then and having my hands and feet sweat and people looking at me like I'm crazy.. I shut it off. Na, now where's the fun in that? Yes, I kept watching. 

All in all, this movie is so NOT reccomended!! If you're going to watch it.. do it with someone else nearby.

Day 11

Day 10 was suppose to be a picture of me from ten years ago.. since moving to Hawaii and leaving most of my things behind, old pictures weren't on the list of things to bring. So sorry, I had to skip that one. I would say I will post it later but let's face it.. I won't. 
Anyway, Day 11 is a picture of me recently. Here it is! 

Okay ya it's not a recent one. :) I just wanted to post this one because it has a funny story behind it. 
After Chris and I got married, we went down to La Habra (Chris' hometown) a week before we were to fly out here. Chris wanted to take me down to one of the Huntington piers just for fun, so off we went. We were taking a romantic stroll along the beach at sunset.. haha and we found this awesome sand castle. I wanted a picture with it so I could do something like blog it and make it look like I did it. Anyway, as I was posing for this picture, a group of guys walked by and commented on what a great job I had done. Yeah, I'll be honest, I …

Food, food and more food!

Sorry I haven't been blogging in a while!! Well, I have a lot to catch up on so I might as well get started. Since being here, Chris has introduced me to a whole new spectrum of food. Our new favorite is a Molasada; egg sized balls of dough, deep fried in oil and then covered in sugar. They also have special kinds like chocolate and haupia (coconut). So yummy!! After one, I start feeling gross so Chris usually eats the rest for me. The Molasada truck drives around the island and stops in random places for about a week. It has been to Laie twice already and we've been to the truck twice.. :) 

Last Tuesday we got a pink slip in our mailbox!! That means we get a package the next day. I look forward to those days. Chris decided it was his turn to get on his long board and go get the package this time, so I stayed home. About 20 minutes later I got a text from him saying we got three! I hurried to go help but he was coming around the corner, balancing two heavy packages and trying t…