Day 11

Day 10 was suppose to be a picture of me from ten years ago.. since moving to Hawaii and leaving most of my things behind, old pictures weren't on the list of things to bring. So sorry, I had to skip that one. I would say I will post it later but let's face it.. I won't. 

Anyway, Day 11 is a picture of me recently. Here it is! 

Okay ya it's not a recent one. :) I just wanted to post this one because it has a funny story behind it. 

After Chris and I got married, we went down to La Habra (Chris' hometown) a week before we were to fly out here. Chris wanted to take me down to one of the Huntington piers just for fun, so off we went. We were taking a romantic stroll along the beach at sunset.. haha and we found this awesome sand castle. I wanted a picture with it so I could do something like blog it and make it look like I did it. Anyway, as I was posing for this picture, a group of guys walked by and commented on what a great job I had done. Yeah, I'll be honest, I took the credit. "Thank you, thank you", I said. Chris just laughed. It was great. 


  1. Fraud! I say, you are a fraud!! But that's okay. I love you anyways.

  2. I miss you guys so much! I miss malasadas too, but I miss you more! I can't wait to see you during Christmas break! I am so happy you two are together. Looking at you makes my heart happy!
    I am glad you guys got mail . . . did you get out letters!

  3. haha i miss you too amy!! yes we got the letters and i am working on writing back. i cant wait to see you and the family!


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