Day 8

A photo that makes me sad/angry. 

This one is tricky.. I could be really immature and post a picture of our current President but I have officially grown up, so I won't. I also could post a picture of my family. It only makes me sad because I'm not with them, but that won't work either. So I settled on this on this one:

Okay I have been stuck on this post for almost a week now!!  I don't have a sad picture. Pictures don't make me angry. Unless it's pictures of my old friends from High School that still can't manage to grow up.. but I promised I would be mature. Sorry.


  1. That is a beautiful picture. It makes me sad because I am not sitting on the beach in front of that wave or frolicing in its splendor. It makes me angry because I have no money to spare for six tickets to Hawaii! What does it make you sad/angry?


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