Day 9

A photo I took:

Okay you caught me.. What have I been doing these past two months not going to school? Learning how to take pictures. While Chris surfs, I take pictures of him. Look at how great this one is. I mean seriously!

I know.. I didn't do that, but of course you new that. First, I can barely manage taking good pictures of just us together and second, there is no way on heck I would be out in the ocean with a wave coming, that size, at me! Here is a real one.. :)

This was after Chris took me on a date to Cafe Rio. :)

This is the famous "gate picture" that everyone on Chris' side has taken. It's a MUST. 

Believe it or not, I actually did take that picture, so it counts as "a picture I took". :)


  1. You're on the gate! I love it! Your temple picture is really quite good and I love that surfing picture even if youdidn't take it!

  2. I just showed the girls the pumpkins again and introduced them to your foil dolls- they love them!


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