NOT Reccomended!

Okay I've got to be honest, I did something really really stupid. I mean really.. seriously dumb. Chris went to the library and I decided to go with. He started writing his paper and I got on Netflix. 

A couple weeks ago I got invited to a invited to a "girls night out" with a bunch of Chris' lifeguard friends. We went out to dinner and talked like girls do.. for hours. :) Then we started talking about scary movies. One mentioned "The Haunting In Connecticut". 

Back to the library.. here I am on Netflix wanting to watch a good movie. I find "The Haunting In Connecticut" and hit play. After short, loud screams every now and then and having my hands and feet sweat and people looking at me like I'm crazy.. I shut it off. Na, now where's the fun in that? Yes, I kept watching. 

All in all, this movie is so NOT reccomended!! If you're going to watch it.. do it with someone else nearby. 


  1. I absolutely hate scary movies . . . try reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins instead.:)


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