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Sweet Tooth :)

This picture just scares me to death so I thought I'd share if you haven't seen it. It has nothing to do with what I'm blogging about but it's cool.. Just like these.. :) 

This is somewhere in Norway and it's pretty cool. 
Anyway, what I really came on to talk about was my sweet tooth. It's bad. Ever since we made Gingerbread houses on Monday, I have wanted to make them again. So I did. We invited two other couples over, blasted the Christmas music and ate some sweets! I'm so happy to have Andrew and Steph and Nick and Mel as freinds, they are so fun!

Maikai Memories.. Pictures!

A friend in the ward does some amazing photography.. so I wanted some pictures of Chris and I. She put some on her blog first so here's that

She has an amazing talent! Words can't even express how happy these pictures make me! I love them!! 

I had a blast with Jessica!! I love these pictures and I'm so grateful to know such amazing people!


First I would just like to mention that there is lightning outside right now. This never happens in Hawaii (well, at least that's what I've been told).  
Anyway..  I have had so much fun here in the last couple of weeks. To start off, I am officially "thee TVA babysitter". I have so much fun with these amazing little ones. For some reason they all really, I mean really, like me. Most Sundays in church I have at least five sitting on my lap.. for the whole meeting. Except for this Sunday because we were asked to speak. Yipee!! It's actually not that bad. I am speaking about Christ's birth and Chris has Christ's life. 
I wanted to put a different twist on the whole birth story because we hear the same story every Christmas and most people stop paying attention half way through it. So, to get the ball rolling, I called my favorite sister in law Amy who gave me some very good ideas. Now my talk is written and I'm happy. 
On Monday Chris came home and said th…