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Today was the normal boring old day; Chris went to school, I went to babysit, we walked home together, ate lunch, he left to work and I went for a walk/jog. When I got back to my house I had a text from a girlfriend of mine, that said "Hey what are you doing tonight?". I replied and said "Making dinner.. Why?" She then proceeded to ask if Chris and I wanted to go to the PCC Night Show. 



  I have only dreamed about going since I've been here but have never been rich enough to pay for it. She asked me to check with Chris and make sure that's okay. I replied "I don't care if Chris can't go, I'M IN!!" :) 

First I really was a good wife, I made Chris dinner and brought it to him at work. (I'm not trying to show off BUT for those who are reading this and know me well, would be proud that I even made dinner.. hmm. kai) :) We then were dropped off at the PCC  for the show. 

Words cannot even explain how.. excited I was. I honestly felt and looked like a little girl waking up on Christmas morning to find that Barbie that she has been wanting so bad! Seriously.. mouth wide open with a huge smile, eyes big and in a trance.. I had it all. 

First was the Haka.. 

There were chills running up and down my spine the whole time. It was amazing. 

Then the Tahitian dancing..

Which was AMAZING!!! 

And then my favorite.. The Fire-Knife Dancing!

This was truly a night to remember!! Nothing better than watching half naked men flex their six packs al night long!! :) That was Chris' favorite part too. I totally recommend seeing it.. if your ever in Hawaii. 


  1. Sooooo jealous! But I'm glad you got to go. I think Chris should have stood next to one of those guys and showed off his nice belly from the last post! HaHaHa! Too cute.


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