First I would just like to mention that there is lightning outside right now. This never happens in Hawaii (well, at least that's what I've been told).  

Anyway..  I have had so much fun here in the last couple of weeks. To start off, I am officially "thee TVA babysitter". I have so much fun with these amazing little ones. For some reason they all really, I mean really, like me. Most Sundays in church I have at least five sitting on my lap.. for the whole meeting. Except for this Sunday because we were asked to speak. Yipee!! It's actually not that bad. I am speaking about Christ's birth and Chris has Christ's life. 

I wanted to put a different twist on the whole birth story because we hear the same story every Christmas and most people stop paying attention half way through it. So, to get the ball rolling, I called my favorite sister in law Amy who gave me some very good ideas. Now my talk is written and I'm happy. 

On Monday Chris came home and said that my friend Richelle had invited us over  to make gingerbread houses. I was so excited, I haven't made a ginger bread house in so long. We went over and had a blast like we always do with them. 

I'm watching Elf intently. 

This is Cole and Richelle's house
Our house. with our Nazi snowman.

Jessica and her cute house
Now you can see what I'm talking about.
This is hard to see but it's the other couples that made houses with us. They are
planning to drop theirs off at someone house. 

This is a normal day in Laie.. beautiful clouds hovering over the dark, green mountains. 

While Chris was gone again, I decided to have some girls over. We did another nail painting party and ended up taking some crazy cute pictures. :) 

Rachel, (Rachel Hinaea Kauwahikalani Makaiwi) is the native Hawaiin, born in Hawaii's 
well known Kuhuku. I just like showing her name off :) 
And my other friend Heather Brown is the haole. Love them both :)

Lately I have taken up babysitting for the people some friends who are in school. I have so much fun with these amazing little ones. It started with Jack and Taylor Lee, then Brennan and Brooke Smart and now it's Jayden, Kiera and Kai Tapia. Yes, it has made me baby hungry BUT Chris and I were just asked to be CTR 5 Primary teachers, so that might change my mind. :) 

This is beautiful Kiera.. and all of the stickers she put on my shirt.

Here's a couple picture of another dead thing we found. Just a rooster.. there are too many anyway. 

As I was saying earlier about the storm.. it was the scariest thing I've heard in a while. The thunder sounded like God cracking his whip.. a few feet away from me. The waves were roaring and the lightning was crazy! It rained non-stop for about three days and did some damage. Our poor neighbour's yard was about a foot deep in just water. 

Chris was at the library and I told him he needed to come home (I was just scared, I'm really not demanding).. So when he ran through the door, he was soaked!!

It's still raining!

That was the lake the storm left on the soccer field. 

That night was crazy.. the lights flickered on and off for about five minutes and then the power just went completely out. Good thing I bought my Pumpkin Spice candle that Chris didn't want me to get. :)

I love this stud! This is Brennan. And the baby is week old Brooke. :) Don't mind my creeper face. 

While on our way back from babysitting Brooke and Brennan, we came across this big fella. 

I love my cute husband.

Sorry that was so much to out on one post but that's lately..  Oh and we come home in 5 DAYS!!! 


  1. I love that you keep up on your blog so that we can keep up on both of you. We miss you and love ya! Merry Christmas! And have sooo much fun going home for the holidays! Fly safe :)

  2. Thank you for updating your blog. Seriously, I check it everyday...sometimes twice a day but if you tell anyone, I'll deny it. Can't wait to see you guys!!! Hope you find a way to the airport so you can come home. Maybe use a little thumb action! Haha. See in in 6 days!!


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