Our wonderful friend Teddy left us his car when he left for a wedding on mainland, so we used it. Chris took me to the east side, which means I have been all the way around this island. Chris got some amazing pictures from his phone. (They are better quality than our camera). Sorry there's not too many.

This is what all of the Asians do. Yes, we were making fun of them. :) We love them.

Chris was such a good husband and even took me out to eat at one of my favorites.. Chili's!

That's his huge bacon burger.. he thought this one was pretty funny. :) 


  1. Love the Mulan bun! Work that up-do!

  2. Bubba saw the picture of you with Chris' burger and said is Geeka going to eat that?

    I haven't been to Chillie's since we lived in Hawaii!

    Thank you for saying I was your favorite teacher:) 8 more days!!!!
    Can't wait!


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