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I thought since this post is mostly about the Davis family, it should be titled after their blog. (Hope that's okay Amy). During Christmas break we were able to spend about a week with Kai, Amy and the kids. It was great and we love them so much!

For those of you who don't know, I wouldn't have Chris if it wasn't for Kai and Amy. I am forever grateful for these two for the love they have shown me and my family and also for introducing Chris and I. At first we all weren't too sure it was going to work out (due to Chris' phobia of women after the mission) but look.. it did. We are happy as ever and we owe the Davis' big time! 

Amanda and Raia

Kiera and Cambria in Cabela's

Bubba eating crackers

Chris building with Bub

Bubba.. Spidey

Uncle Chris and Ryan with the girls

Me and the crazy Davis kids

We had such a fun time up in Utah with the Davis family. We love them :) 


  1. I love these pictures because they are new to me! I must have been MIA when you were taking these. I know I wasn't at Cabela's.
    All of us Davis' love you and we are so glad that Chris' girl phobia wore off. DO you think it was the four wheeling that did it?


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