Friday, February 18, 2011

Ka'ena Point

A couple weeks ago Chris and I took an adventure to the west side of the island with a few friends. I felt so bad for Chris because I happened to be super cranky that day. I didn't want to go and I think I complained the whole time. (i hate mother nature). The hike ended up being pretty cool. Its whale season here, so we saw so many, jumping out of the water and everything! It was probably the most insane thing I have seen in a while. Sadly, no pictures. Believe it or not but they were too fast for me. 

When we finally got the end of the hike, we were standing on the edge of a cliff with crashing waves beneath us. It was amazing. I really felt like I was standing at the end of the world. The ocean seemed to just drop off. Truly amazing. 

After a nice walk we finally got to the end and found some monk seals. :) They were awesome until I got to close and they started barking. 

Our friend John was brave enough to lay down with one. :) At the end of the day, the hike was pretty dang sweet. Don't worry, I apologized to Chris. We still like each other. 

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  1. Awesome! I love the pictures of the monk seals!
    Cambria has started a count down for our trip to Hawaii.
    Did you get the package I sent you?