Maleakahana beach is one of our favorite places to relax because the water is pretty smooth and their isn't a whole lot of wind that comes through. When we went this last time, we actually caught an octopus. Chris and I had been wanting to find one because they are so fun to play with. I was looking in the cracks of these stairs (in the pictures below) and I saw tentacles. I ran to tell Chris and we poked it until it came out. ( I know, I know animal cruelty blah, blah, blah)

It's a slug.. not what we found on the beach after the dog left.


  1. hooker . . . Hahahahaha!
    I can't wait to be there lying in the sand and splashing in the waves!

  2. I think we should ALL be hookers! hahahaha! You know, we should all be casting our hooks out and being examples to all.


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