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Yes, the rumor is true. I am headed to Utah in a week. I leave the eighth and Chris is staying here. I'm torn about this situation. I am more excited than I have ever been to see my family. But then I'm leaving my new family here.

Another sweet part about this trip is I will fly in on my sister's birthday!! So happy Birthday to Susan!! 

The reason I'm leaving you may ask? I've had a really messed up shoulder for a long time. I've been through it all to try and help it; several months of physical therapy, cortisone shots, and even a surgery. None of this has helped. 

So when Chris and I went home for Christmas, my mom took me to the doc. Sure enough I was right, I need another surgery. He didn't even know what's going on. 

I am more scared for this surgery than the first one. I know the pain. Waking up after is horrible. Not being able to do ANYTHING is horrible. Ever since my mom scheduled the surgery  I have been in a foul mood. I've had scary dreams a…

surfing king

when kai and amy came to visit, the boys (chris and kai) were lucky enough to have an  photographer/friend of kai's take pictures of them out on the waves. they are rad.

no, this is not my husband but i thought this picture was awesome!
this photographer is well known and does some beautiful work.  is the website where you can find some of his work. he is truly an amazing artist. 


lately i have been working on a few projects. there is a weird but awesome website called that has so many fun and crafty ideas. so, this is what i have been doing with my spare time. :) 
me and my mirror right after i finished it!
my new duvet and pictures hung by clothes pins 
a magazine frame with roses

h is for hendrickson!
so far, this is what is going to make my house a home. :) a colorful home. 

my flavor

Today I stumbled upon a few quotes that brightened my day. So I thought I'd share them. 
"Happy girls are the prettiest".
"When something bad happens, you have three choices. You can let it define you, let it destroy you or let it strengthen you".
"Crying is not a sign that you're weak, it is a sign that you're alive".
"Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much from them".
"Start each day with a grateful heart."
"If you're quiet, you're not living at all. You've got to be noisy,colorfulandlively!"
"When nothing goes right... go left".
"Happiness is a decision". 
These make me happy. 
A while ago I started a folder for colors and ideas I want to do with my house. Here are some.

I already made this!

feelings of a grown up child

Lately I have been feeling horrible. I feel sad. Upset. Depressed. 
I think part of it is because I have had some family here in the last two weeks and they leave me. First the Davis family. We had so much fun. I was the happiest girl around.
 Then they left. 
Then the Skillmans (my second parents) stopped by for the day. We went to PCC and had a blast.  
Then they left. 
I feel left behind. 
It's not at all their fault, that's just how it feels. 
I miss family. Friends. I miss Mesquite. (as silly as that sounds). I am forever grateful for them though. That they would spend their time with me. 
Then the other thing making me feel horrible...
Some one asked me how I was doing. I have never been one of those people to lie and say "great" when I'm not feeling it. So I said "ticked and upset". 
He then proceeded to ask "What in the world does Sarah have to be upset about? You don't have two kids (like him), you don't go to school, you don't have a jo…


A couple days ago a magnitude 8.9 earth quake slammed Japan causing a 23-foot tsunami wave that swept homes, buildings, cars and people miles inland. 

When the news came to Chris and I, we were actually at a birthday party. A few other couples with us having a great time. Laughing soon turned into a silent fear. News reporters told everyone to evacuate immediatley. So we did. 

Luckily we had family visiting for the week. They were packed and ready to pick us up. Chris and  I had never gone through something like this before so we honestly didn't know what to bring with us. We packed our computer, extra clothes, and lots of food and water. When Kai and Amy came to get us, the car was jam packed with stuff. 

The kids weren't as scared as I thought they would be. (Probably because they were falling asleep). We started driving and the roads were bare. Eerie. We had turned on the radio to see if we could find out more. All it said was that the sirens would go off again around one in t…


Thanks to my wonderful husband and my awesome bro in law..
Standing and everything!
It was amazing. Amy says I've caught the bug.. the surfing bug. I love it. 
Pictures will be up soon. :) 
Another first was eating real Hawaiian shave ice. It's different than good old Mesquites kind. It's wonderful.