A couple days ago a magnitude 8.9 earth quake slammed Japan causing a 23-foot tsunami wave that swept homes, buildings, cars and people miles inland. 

When the news came to Chris and I, we were actually at a birthday party. A few other couples with us having a great time. Laughing soon turned into a silent fear. News reporters told everyone to evacuate immediatley. So we did. 

Luckily we had family visiting for the week. They were packed and ready to pick us up. Chris and  I had never gone through something like this before so we honestly didn't know what to bring with us. We packed our computer, extra clothes, and lots of food and water. When Kai and Amy came to get us, the car was jam packed with stuff. 

The kids weren't as scared as I thought they would be. (Probably because they were falling asleep). We started driving and the roads were bare. Eerie. We had turned on the radio to see if we could find out more. All it said was that the sirens would go off again around one in the morning. The tsunami would hit at three. 

Chris being the manly man that he is wasn't scared at all but me on the other hand.. just the sirens going off did it for me. There is nothing like knowing something is coming but not knowing when, and then to hear loud sirens going off in the middle of the night, warning you.. it's unsettling. 

When we finally go to Uncle and Auntie's house, all the kids were asleep. Kai and Chris carried them in one by one and they finally got to rest. The adults stayed up to watch the news. The sirens went off again. We were all so silent. After we couldn't stay up any more we went to bed. 

Later that morning we woke up to hear about the damage this tsunami had caused. It had hit Maui and the Big Island hard but only moved some boats a little here. It was amazing to see just what one wave could do. 

I'm so grateful we were safe and that we were able to evacuate to higher ground. I am grateful for Kai and Amy who said let's go. 

One thing I learned from this is that we always need to be prepared and not only listen but DO what the Prophet says. We know so many people that were so upset with the fact of evacuating that just didn't. What would have happened to them if the tsunami really did hit Laie? I think we all need to be a little more prepared and jump on what the prophet has asked up to do. 

Just some pictures from the tsunami in Japan. My heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones.  We will keep them in our prayers.


  1. We didn't hear about the the earthquake until the following morning when Dad turned on the news. As soon as we heard I tried to call you...no answer. I called Chris...no answer. Then I called Kai and he answered. I knew it was really early there but I just had to know if you guys were alright. Poor Kai, I woke him up. He sounded so tired but I am grateful that you headed the warnings and got to higher ground. We love both of you.

  2. Those sirens were so eerie! While were packing up we heard some one in a car on a mega phone warning us to evacuate, that was scary too.

    I am so glad we had some where to go and I am glad that we could be there to take you with us.
    My heart and prayers go out to those who were less fortunate.

    Kai got calls all ight asking if we were okay:) Glad he could answer your mom's call.


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