in other news: 
  • i miss my other half like theres no tomorrow! i will hopefully be with him soon. :( i cant think about it for more than a minute or else i cry so i will name awesome things that have happened today.. or other things that i have remembered. 
  • i was yelled at by a man with down syndrome to put some pants on. (i was wearing my jean shorts and it was raining). 
  • i saw a sticker on a car that said OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder). like twilight, vampire cullen family. it was embarrassing. i wanted to take my sharpie and scribble it out. 
  • for family night, we played scrabble. i won. with the biggest word being radiation. then jeff made up a song about japan and radiation. sad but funny. 
  • i have a new favorite song that i like to sing in the shower and the car and just everywhere. rolling int the deep by adele. i wish i had a voice like hers. it is beautiful. 
  • i have amazing friends.  id like to shout out to one of my best friends cora houston. she remembers everything. she makes me a happier person. sometimes i have important dates to remember and she remembers them before i do. (mind you, she lives approximately 3000 miles away from me). 
  • i was looking through an old journal and i came across a note from cora that said "sarah i love you. you have a heart the size of 32.2 grinch hearts." made me laugh.
  • being married in the temple was the coolest thing i have ever done.


  1. Oh, Sar, I love you. :)
    Thank you for your kind words. :)
    I'm SO glad your shoulder is doing much better than last time! I hope it heals quickly and you can go back to Chris soon.
    You are beautiful.
    And I miss you.
    Have such a lovely day! :)

  2. You are allowed to make fun of the Twilight movies all you want because they were cheesey but you cannot knock the books until you have read them. Then you can make fun of them all you want. They are way better than the movie- the movies are a disgrace to the books.
    love your big sister . . .
    Now I know what I am getting you for Christmas, I know the suspense is killing you:)


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