for the children

i know in a few posts before i have mentioned that i love being around kids. i do. i love them. no this post is not about me trying to tell you im pregnant... because im not. i just have a deep appreciation for the way they think and the things they say. i feel like the world is better place with kids around. whether they are infants and all you can do is stare into their sweet little faces or a little bit older and they are staring to think and do things by themselves.

as i have said before, chris and i were called to be primary teachers. i absolutely adore my class. these four and five year olds are amazing. today the lesson was about obeying the commandments. we were starting to teach the lesson and one of the little girls in class started crying. she said she wanted her mommy. i tried telling her that this class was going to be so fun and that mommies dont get to come to this class. she cried harder (apparently that wasnt the right thing to say). then one of the boys in class said "thats so boring." i asked what is? and he said "shes crying". haha im not sure why, but that was so funny.

we love asking them questions in class and we can see them trying so hard to figure it out. but the best answer they always come up with is jesus christ. and yes.. he is the answer to all our questions right? :) i love this class. they make my day better.

there are many kids around here that whenever i see them, they come running to me and give me great big hugs..(its because im really cool or i always give them treats) i love these beautiful spirits.

so not ready to have any of my own.. thats why i babysit. i can give them back. :)


  1. I love it! Kids really do say the funniest things!
    Thank you for the sweet email . . . I feel the same way about you!

  2. Seriously even if YOU'RE not ready for kids yet I totally think your mom is ready to be a grandmother. Seriously, have you seen all the gray hairs creeping out of her head? You really need to consider the needs of your poor mother who desperately needs to be made a granny. And soon I think. Put those fallopian tubes to work!

    (Sorry Sarah, you still love me right? Misery loves company, what can I say?)

  3. isn't sad that once you get married, you always have to make the comment, No I'm not pregnant to almost every conversation.. (just a thought) thought when the time is right, You'll be a great mom and we will be excited for you. But until then enjoy everyone else's kids. That fun too!

  4. Don't listen to that Stacy chick!!


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