Monday, May 30, 2011

makes you wanna laugh

i know everyone says that their husband is the best but i promise you MINE is the best. he is super rad. (no, this is not chris). 

also, everyone knows that EVERYTHING is seriously expensive in hawaii. to the point of where you feel like youd almost rather starve. hahaha not. so we went to foodland. chris and i thats is. i had been gone for a month so there was no food. by the end of our shopping trip we had spent up to our limit. chris was very quiet the ride home. we got home and "unpacked" everything. then chris went to work. 

as i was making dinner, i came across the receipt. and took pictures of it. 
again, the best husband ever. (because he makes me laugh..hard)

sorry its blurry.

theres nothing else to be said, 
except that..

my husband is the best. :) 

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