Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the move

as i has posted a few days ago but blogger decided it wasn't good enough and erased it, i came home a week ago to surprise him. it was a cute post, i thought. anyway..

one night chris went off to work and left me here to do the unpacking. then came a knock on our door. i opened it and some man told me i needed to move out. i tried so hard to understand him but it just wasn't happening. i asked our friend who works in the tva office if she knew anything. later we found that it was true.. we actually were suppose to move out for a couple days. so they could re-do our tile and carpet. which is very nice.. but..

they put us in an apartment that had not been inhabited for a while. so we packed up sunday night and moved into a cute new place monday bright and early. dead roaches on the floor. super dirty and just nasty. i tried cleaning but out of every crevice and corner came a gigantic roach. so i gave up.

when chris came home from work that night he must have killed six or seven. they just kept coming. chris: 11 sarah: 1  NASTY!
the next day i got up to see if our place was wasn't. i think i checked at least five times. finally it was done. we moved in and now it looks great. i just started hanging things up on the walls so when i find my camera i will put some pictures up. 


  1. Sick! You're brave to kill them though! I can only handle the little ones...I leave the huge ones to James lol

  2. I remember those nasty little suckers! SO gross!