there are things you learn at different stages/ages in life. for example, when we are one we learn to crawl and start talking. when we are five, we learn how to ride a bike. ten, we are just starting to figure out what is going on with our bodies. twelve, we are accepted into young womens/mens, making us feel super adult-ish. fifteen is so close to being able to date and we are trying to understand these weird feelings for the opposite sex. sixteen means freedom and many, many consequences. then you hit the ripe old age of eighteen. 

i dont know everything, some day. but there are a few things i have learned through the years. especially in the last nine months.

 i know that parents are ten times cooler than you think. its weird. they actually do know what theyre talking about. 

i know that getting married at eighteen (no matter how many people told me i was stupid for doing it) is the best thing i could have done for myself. 

i know that it doesnt matter what you look like. im not saying at all that i am happy with my weight but i have learned to laugh and say "who doesnt have a little junk in the trunk?" i can lose it. i can gain it. there are more important things in life than looks.

i know that family is everything. its more important than anything. they will always be there for you. friends come and go. family is stuck like glue. 

i know that god is real. he answered my prayers for my surgery (plus many others) but the most recent was my surgery. i was so scared and then when i woke up after, i felt great. nothing like the first. i love him. he makes me so happy. 

i know that it cool to share the gospel. as outgoing as i am, i used to be scared to tell people about the church. its scary sometimes. but trust me, only cool people do it. :) 

i know that being married rocks. it is the coolest thing. i wish more people would go around saying it. then all the loser rms (return missionaries) that have been home forever would jump on it. i have my best friend with me all the time. what could be cooler than that? seriously. 

i know that life stinks sometimes. but there is always someone who has it worse. look at the bright side.. god is paying attention to you. if he wasnt, he wouldnt give you something to deal with. ya it stinks sometimes but it will get better. its not the end.  

im positive i will learn many, many more things throughout life. but as for now, this is what i know. 


  1. You rock. :)
    I love this post.
    All of it.

  2. sarah! You are totally wise beyond your years! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You are so cute :)

  3. Yep, its all down hill after the ripe old age of 18. When you are a senior citizen like me, when you get the answer to a question, you can't remember what the question was in the first place:) Just kidding! I heard a quote from general conference that stuck with me;
    there is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone.
    By the way I have seen you running around in a bathing suit and what ever weight you are- you are still beautiful.

  4. Ummm, Missy, I wouldn't mind having junk in my trunk if it looked like yours.

    And, I'm glad you've realized your parents knew what they were talking about--Well, except for the time your dad (and Mark) let Jeff and Connor start rafting down that one particularly hazardous section of river. Other than that your parents really did know what they were talking about, especially your mom.

    And you? You're brilliant from head to toe. Inside and out.

  5. Oh, what great memories of death defying stunts we've pulled!!! Oh wait, maybe that's death defying stunts we've let our kids pull. We each have four...who'd miss them? Kidding of course. Makes me laugh every time we talk about it.


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