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something borrowed

over the several months here, chris and i have let people come and borrow whatever they need.  you could say we are very generous. 
like my beautiful purple cruiser..
or chris' longboard..

and maybe some earrings..
its okay though, they are just borrowing them.
im sure i will get them back soon. right? 

what a day!

yesterday was pretty intense. 
it all started at four in the morning. yes, four.  we took some of our good friends to the air port. 
then, with cole and richelle, we went to a really nice bar and restaurant for breakfast. 
mac24/7 is the name. 
if you have heard about it, you probably heard about it on the show man vs. food on food network.  This place is known for the largest pancakes in the whole united states!! 
very cool.   
the order is called the mac daddy.. three 14" pancakes. 
the challenge is you have to eat the entire three pancakes in under an hour. 
the four of us tried. we got about to the half mark. it was hard!
sorry the pictures are retarded. the camera is a little slow.. 
sweet looking chairs (i just had to get a picture)

 cole and richelle
then we went to the swap meet in town and looked around for a bit.  then we made our way around to the other side of the island to kapolei. 
to.. wet n wild!!!! 
again sorry for the pictures  and i do look pregnant in these pictures but i swea…

10 months!!

can you believe it? chris and i have been married for 10 months?!

everyone told me the first year is the hardest.  i dont feel like that. 
i feel like being married is the best.  our first year has been very eventful so far.
moving to a "foreign country" meeting the new ward finding new friends dealing with drama and lots of immaturity  learning to live the "chill" life acquiring new taste learning to let people be overly friendly
most people know each other before they get married so they have a pretty good idea of what married life with their companion is going to be like.  chris and i didnt have that option. 
which i am grateful for.  we have spent the last ten months getting to know each other.  and  its been fun. 
chris is the exact opposite of me. we work out perfect together.  i am so happy to be married to this man. everyone should get married. 
it rocks :) 

its time to tell

we are adding two new things, as i mentioned before. 
number one: a fish. 
i love that the joke was "a fish" and we really are getting one!  this is so exciting because the only pets Ive ever had was a fish and a bunny.  my poor bunny didnt last long in our house.
number two: recipes.  what? i know. i was reading my earlier post to chris, asking him how i should ask people for recipes.  then it all started coming together, and by the end, it sounded like we were expecting twins. haha
so sorry. i am not pregnant. 
i just need good, cheap ingredient recipes. 
so if you have any good summer grilling or summer salad recipes?  any cool summer drink recipes?  i dont need any soup or warm, feel good recipes because winter doesn't exist here.
you can email them to me at
thank thank thank you! 


hey everyone.. so i have a huge surprise!! 
chris and i are adding something to our family. 
any guesses?!?! 
its kind of a big step for us. not sure if were ready for it, or should i say...

were not sure if we want everyone to know.. so i will leave it at that for now. 


number one: well, my bike got stolen. partially my fault. i forgot to lock it up and it was gone. i miss my bike. 
number two: chris and i went to see x-men and on the way home chris got pulled over.. and got a ticket. it was great. 
$157 dollars.  (and the cop told us to stay in the car because there was a wild pig outside).  the weirdest thing ive ever heard from a cop. and ive heard a lot. 
when we got pulled over, i told chris to not worry about it, i have had much experience with these types of situations before. 
its okay though, trials make us stronger right?


remember a while ago i had started to do the "30 day blog"? well id like to start it up again. 
so im going to start on day 13: my favorite outfit. 
being here has taught me that there is no need to look super nice or put on a lot of make up because its just too humid. BUT i have found a really cute blog with a girl who finds really cheap things and she actually looks cute. she does an outfit everyday and most of  her clothes are "thrifted". 
her blog is
go check it out if you wan to some ideas.  but here are some pictures from here blog of things i would eventually like to wear. when i move somewhere not so humid. 

sharks cove

chris and i are so blessed; to be out here in hawaii, to have the awesome friends we have and also to be in tva.  we have really great friends that we love to do things with and one couple actually happens to be leaving in august. so we are trying to do as much as we can with them while they're here.
last saturday we went with cole and richelle to sharks cove to go snorkelling. they have a very cute blog you can look at here
it was so much fun! the water was a little murky but there were so so many fish. we had a great time out in the sun. then we went to costco and wal mart. which doesnt happen all that often so it was great. we love the costco  hot dogs and pizza.