Tuesday, June 21, 2011

10 months!!

can you believe it? chris and i have been married for 10 months?!

everyone told me the first year is the hardest. 
i dont feel like that. 

i feel like being married is the best. 
our first year has been very eventful so far.

moving to a "foreign country"
meeting the new ward
finding new friends
dealing with drama and lots of immaturity 
learning to live the "chill" life
acquiring new taste
learning to let people be overly friendly

most people know each other before they get married so they have a pretty good idea of what married life with their companion is going to be like. 
chris and i didnt have that option. 

which i am grateful for. 
we have spent the last ten months getting to know each other. 
and  its been fun. 

chris is the exact opposite of me. we work out perfect together. 
i am so happy to be married to this man. everyone should get married. 

it rocks :) 


  1. I agree!!1 Love married Life. especially when the outside world lets you spend time together.

  2. You two ARE great together. So happy that you both listened to the Spirit, took a deep breath and did that leap of faith. We love you both very much.