Tuesday, June 14, 2011

its time to tell

we are adding two new things, as i mentioned before. 

number one: a fish. 

i love that the joke was "a fish" and we really are getting one! 
this is so exciting because the only pets Ive ever had was a fish and a bunny. 
my poor bunny didnt last long in our house.

number two: recipes. 
what? i know. i was reading my earlier post to chris, asking him how i should ask people for recipes. 
then it all started coming together, and by the end, it sounded like we were expecting twins. haha

so sorry. i am not pregnant. 

i just need good, cheap ingredient recipes. 

so if you have any good summer grilling or summer salad recipes? 
any cool summer drink recipes? 
i dont need any soup or warm, feel good recipes because winter doesn't exist here.

you can email them to me at scpetersen12@hotmail.com

thank thank thank you! 


  1. marinade chicken in itallian dressing and serve with rice and veggies . . .
    Add one can of any campbell's soup (cream of mushroom, cream of broccoli and cheese, etc) and half a cup of milk to browned chiken in a skillet . . . ummmmmm, those are easy and simple . . . didn't you get a cook book from young women's????

    I knew you weren't pregnant, but you did prick my curiosity . . .
    Kai is looking into moving to the big island . . .

  2. I can't believe I was right! so is it still living?