number one:
well, my bike got stolen. partially my fault. i forgot to lock it up and it was gone. i miss my bike. 

number two:
chris and i went to see x-men and on the way home chris got pulled over.. and got a ticket. it was great. 

$157 dollars. 
(and the cop told us to stay in the car because there was a wild pig outside). 
the weirdest thing ive ever heard from a cop. and ive heard a lot. 

when we got pulled over, i told chris to not worry about it, i have had much experience with these types of situations before. 

its okay though, trials make us stronger right? 


  1. NOT YOUR CRUISER! Oh I loved that thing. So sorry you've had a series of Unfortunate Events. :(

    Here's hoping something to smile about is just around the corner :)


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