what a day!

yesterday was pretty intense. 

it all started at four in the morning. yes, four. 
we took some of our good friends to the air port. 

then, with cole and richelle, we went to a really nice bar and restaurant for breakfast. 

mac24/7 is the name. 

if you have heard about it, you probably heard about it on the show man vs. food on food network. 
This place is known for the largest pancakes in the whole united states!! 

very cool.   

the order is called the mac daddy.. three 14" pancakes. 

the challenge is you have to eat the entire three pancakes in under an hour. 

the four of us tried. we got about to the half mark. it was hard!

sorry the pictures are retarded. the camera is a little slow.. 

sweet looking chairs (i just had to get a picture)

 cole and richelle

then we went to the swap meet in town and looked around for a bit. 
then we made our way around to the other side of the island to kapolei. 

to.. wet n wild!!!! 

again sorry for the pictures  and i do look pregnant in these pictures but i swear to you, im not. :) 

yay!! the best part? it was only $20 per person! rad. i know. originally its $49.99

we stayed there for a while and had a blast! 

then we hit up the costco. which is like christmas for us. (only happens about once a year) haha 

then we finally made it home. 

what a day. 


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