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the beach and ka'ena point

On Friday we went to Keiki beach. The waves were perfect size for me. The boys would've liked bigger but I don't care for the "drowning feeling". We played in the water for a while and then we burried Chris. 

Later we went over to Ka'ena point. I think I have complained about this hike before. I think I also mentioned  I am not much of a hiker. I don't like it. More here than the mainland because I get eaten alive.  But I apparently thought this was going to be different somehow. Was it? Of course not. 
I complained in my head the entire way back. Going to the point wasn't as horrible because it monsoon(ed). I found I like walking in the hard, warm rain rather than the blistering heat.  
When we got all the way out to the end, it was totally worth it. Monk seals and lots of crabs. 

It was a good time. We all enjoyed it.  Until we got back. 
So I had lathered sunblock on the boys before our trek. Well, when it started raining (five minutes after we started) their …


We went to town showing Ryan around. Literally, we went to town. First we stopped by the zoo. We have heard great things about it so off we went. 
It was a lot of fun. Of course I was the only one screaming with excitement. I think the boys had fun. 

They guys were either really bored or they were just very tired. After the giraffes they hit their end. I felt like a little kid dragging tired mom and dad around. 
The "slap happy" stage

I think I hit the slap happy stage too.. because I could not stop laughing at this. I thought it was the funniest thing I've ever seen. 

Later we went down to the strip on Waikiki. We wanted to go because I had found this awesome looking aquarium. It was one of those you can walk though and sharks, manta rays and tropical fish would swim right over you. It sounded like so much free fun. So when we got to the address, there was nothing there.
Ready for the embarrassing part? The aquarium has been gone for over four years. Ya. Four years. 
So we wal…


This week we were lucky enough to have Ryan, Chris' brother come visit. 
We have been counting down the days.   We picked him up and all I can say is he was very jet-lagged.  We did so many  things while he was here.. one of them being the famous diamond head hike.
This was before we picked him up.. Waikiki behind me. 

Chris has a panoramic option on his phone.. I didn't get out of the way 
So Diamond Head..
We have had so many friends go and say it was amazing. So we took Ryan and went. It was amazing. By far the best view I have seen here.. and I live in Hawaii. That's saying something.
getting ready for the trail

The Hike Our model, Ryan. 

I captured this picture right before Ryan saw the "Keep Out" sign

 silly boys

the stairs
the longest staircase I have ever walked. seriously more stairs. the spiral staircase
The View