Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of july in hawaii

so this being the first fourth of july away from home, i was really worried about plans.

mom and dad always took care of the planning. 
we always had way to much food and way to much fun. 

so i was trying to make plans to live up to holiday i have had in the past.

chris and i tried to come up with ideas but everything fell threw. 

so we did our own thing. sometimes its too hard to please everyone. 

we drove up to turtle bay and hiked around for a while. 
we snorkelled, swam and found sweet shells. 

so after getting some sun on the beach, we started our way back home. we fired up the grill, cut some watermelon and made some sweet looking jello. 

its called "stained glass jello"

after eating chris' yummy barbeque chicken, we packed up the car and drove back to turtle bay.
the four of us (andrew, steph, chris and me) had our own surfboards, we parked on the side of the crazy traffic and walked in.. 

we walked out to the beach and put our boards in.
the fireworks started so we paddled hard (or chris paddled for me).

so we made it out and it was the coolest thing i have ever done for the fourth of july!

sitting out on the water with some of my closest friends and family, watching the fireworks. 

best fourth of july. 


  1. sigh . . . only in hawaii. Sounds great:)

  2. So glad you had a once in a lifetime Forth of July...and that you got back alive!!!
    Are you crazy. There's hungry sharks in them waters!! Jk
    Love you tons.