Tuesday, July 5, 2011


a few days ago some friends asked if we wanted to go hiking with them. 

so of course we went! who doesnt want to go hike in the jungles of hawaii?


i attract mosquitos like no other. the last time chris and i hiked, i came back with fifty-two bites. 
ya, fifty-two!

this time we went on a hike back in kahana valley. 
there were old military bunkers and lots of beautiful views.

(lots of pictures ahead)

my muddy muddy feet

 gigantic leaves

the hike was about two and a half  miles of beautiful views like this..

we finally made it to the military bunkers

nakoa trail

thats chris swinging into the water from the rope swing.

 my lovely chris.. 

this hike was a blast. fairly easy and very fun. 

the only bummer part was the horrible mosquitos! 
this time we counted...



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