Friday, July 1, 2011


as you can probably tell.. i changed things up a bit. 

i got this trait from my momma. 

the "i have to switch things up" trait. 
and i love it. 

so i did, it took me about two hours to figure it all out but i did it! 

another new thing..

chris decided he is going to be a doctor! 

ya.. its great. a sports medicine doctor. 
so med school, here we come!


  1. Your blog looks great! Love the pictures on the right and the new font and colors. Good choice! And yeah for a new direction in life. Adventures are good :)

  2. Hey this change was a lot easier than moving heavy furniture around or painting walls. I LOVE that about your mom. Furniture, paint, cars, she's always switching things up. Glad she passed on that gene to you too. And I like your new Blog name. Thumbs up all around.

  3. I love it! how clever . . . better of wed:)
    I wish Chris was going into peds . . . i could single handedly keep him in business:)