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sometimes people disagree. sometimes there are hurt feelings and just sometimes..
 people dont know how grow up. 

ive learned a few things with dealing with people and their personalities. 

its been a struggle for me to remain in the thinking of "what would jesus do?" 
when someone is so mean and hurtful. 

but there are some lessons learned of what to do and what not to do. 

number one: always treat them with kindness, even if you go home crying or in my case, cursing. 
my momma always said "kill them with kindness"
and it works. 

number two: dont call names.
first, it just makes yourself sound dumb and
second, were not in kindergarten anymore. 

number three: really try to understand where they are coming from. 
it can help to end the disagreement well. 

number four: instead of getting mad and yelling at them,
 ive learned it best to hear them out.

number five: keep your cool. everything is better when you stay calm.

sometimes there are just going to be people we meet that haven't grown up.
sometimes we will meet people who say mean things.
and every time.. we need to be the bigger person.

by the way this post was meant to be put up a while ago. just never did.
im not mad. im not angry. im not upset.
just posting something.
thats all.


  1. Usually, when you start off with the "kill 'em with kindness" thought, you end up more calm and much less hurt. Plus, as a bonus, you have NO REGRETS about what came out of your mouth.
    The more we practice this, the better people we become and who doesn't need better people?


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