thank yous

im doing great!!

because of you.

i owe you all. times ten. 

im still lonely at times BUT
i can be awesome. 

i am awesome. 

thank you for your kind, loving words.

in about 45 minutes i will officailly be 19!!! 

and im turning over a new leaf.

so thank you. i love you. 


  1. Happy Birthday Sarah!! I hope my box shows up today so that you can throw yourself a party! We love you, we're cheering for you and we know you will accomplish much in your life.
    Have a great day!

  2. happy birthday! Have a wonderful day :)

  3. Happy Birthday!!! You are wonderful. Life is tough... but it works out with lots of prayers and patience. Love ya!

  4. Happy Birthday! We love you and we know you are awesome! One year older and wiser too! I hope you get to blow out a candle!


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