This week we were lucky enough to have Ryan, Chris' brother come visit. 

We have been counting down the days. 
 We picked him up and all I can say is he was very jet-lagged. 
We did so many  things while he was here.. one of them being the famous diamond head hike.

This was before we picked him up.. Waikiki behind me. 

Chris has a panoramic option on his phone.. I didn't get out of the way 

So Diamond Head..

We have had so many friends go and say it was amazing. So we took Ryan and went. It was amazing. By far the best view I have seen here.. and I live in Hawaii. That's saying something.

getting ready for the trail

The Hike
Our model, Ryan. 

I captured this picture right before Ryan saw the "Keep Out" sign

 silly boys

the stairs

the longest staircase I have ever walked. seriously
more stairs.
the spiral staircase

The View

 again with the "keep off" signs

So that was the hike. We loved it. We laughed a lot. The boys gave me a head start because I am slow. 
I really am slow though. 

Then we hiked all the way back down and ate our lunches by the car. Ryan saw a hill and said "Hey I bet if I was behind it you wouldn't see me". 

So he ran

Still not exactly sure what the point was but he gave us a good laugh, like usual.

Since my dad was a fireman/fire chief most my life, I think it's normal to look at Fire Stations..
Some are cooler than others, in particular, the one at the top of the hill in Waikiki. I tried to get some pictures, they didn't turn out very well. But, here they are. 

Anyway, that was our hike to Diamond Head.


  1. I love that hike and I so wish Kai and I were there to watch the silliness and be silly too! We all have to live near each other someday or at least take cool vacations together twice a year- Chris can pay for us all since he will be a doctor.
    I also love seeing pictures of Waikiki with Diamonf head in the background because that is where Kai and I had our very first date. Surfing of Course.


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