Thursday, August 4, 2011

caribbean sea

Yesterday my sister in law Amy called and asked if I would be her partner in a new craft blog. I love doing crafts so of course I said yes!
The blog is called the The Craft Bucket. Check it out!
All the crafts are so easy and cheap. You don't have to have a degree in decor to be able to do this. My favorite kind of crafts!

I soon started a new craft. Since I can't paint my walls here, I decided I would paint my furniture. My coffee table to be exact. 

I have a black dresser, two black bookshelves, a black tv stand, and more black shelves. I'm sick of black. 

So I picked the coolest pattern and the cutest color and went at it. 

I used a lot of tape and only a little paint. If you want the tutorial check it out here:

It look so awesome. I love it!! Reached my goal: Added some color!

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