Monday, August 1, 2011


I have put up a few posts lately and I can't keep track of which pictures I posted and which ones I haven't. So.. if there is a copy. Sorry. 

Thursday was a sad day. That was the day we dropped Ryan off at the airport. We were all dreading it. Ryan most of all. He did everything as slow as possible as if to postpone what was going to happen. We stopped by Jack before we took him in. I couldn't resist getting some last pictures. 

On the way to the airport. 

I said these were random.. This was the day before Ryan left. We went to the East side. The view was amazing. 

Then there was another hike. We had told Ryan about this cool hike and at the end there is a rope swing into a river. So one day we went. Well, the boys went. We got there, parked, I got out of the car and within five minutes I had three bites. So I stayed in the car. We would meet up in a half an hour. I met up with them a half hour later. They both got in the car and we started driving away. I asked how it went and I got "interesting" back. Chris then said "Ry you can stretch your leg out if you want". I'm thinking what? Why? Why does he need to stretch it out?  This is what I saw next. 

I guess Chris forgot to tell him that there are huge concrete slabs in the murky water. 
It was bound to happen though. Every time Ryan is with us he gets hurt. Like, really hurt. 
Sorry Ry. 

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