decision made

It's official!!
We will be leaving our warm, sunny beautiful home to a new cold, cold home in January. 
Chris was accepted to BYU-Idaho. Woohoo!!
(I am really petrified of the move and the cold but I am excited at the same time).
We got our tickets (thanks mom(s)) and we are looking forward to the move. 
I can't wait to afford my groceries. I can't wait to bundle up in fuzzy, warm jackets.
Chris wants to eventually end up in med school so we figured he better get to a school that's a little bit bigger.
I know it's not much but it's closer to family and that's what matters to me right now.
 We are so excited to go on another journey together.

This last year has been a crazy one but I've learned so much and I think I am ready to start another.
So now you know, the secret is out. :) 


  1. Excellent! I've got your quilt (that Nikki made) and some other items for you guys to take up there. I might have a vacuum for you too if I can get it fixed. Oh, and maybe a winter coat're gonna need it!
    I think it will be great for you both!!


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