Friday, September 30, 2011


I remember getting asked to my first dance; Homecoming. I was so excited to find a cute little dress and everything that goes along with it. Our first day of dress shopping went horrible as always (if you didn't know, I'm very picky with just about everything). My poor mom, putting up with all of my ridiculous tantrums, tried so hard to help me with my first dress shopping experience. I remember one dress in particular that she loved and I,of course, despised; it looked like an old 1920's flapper girl dress. I don't know why but I absolutely hated it.
I even remember mom holding it up and swaying it around to make it look cool. Nope, didn't work. 

Since then I have learned that I actually love the 1920's era (not that I lived it, I believe that would be a different story) but I love it. It all started in Mr. Waite's American Lit class when we were asked to read The Great Gatsby. I loved the book. Also, another fact about me, there is nothing I hate more than to read, just ask mom. But for some strange reason I loved this book. I loved the dresses, the suits, the hair, the old cars, the Charleston dance, the jazz, and the chivalry. I think it would have been wonderful, if I were rich, to live back then. 
I just thought it was funny that I thought I hated that cute flapper dress and now I love it. 

So, this year Chris and I, mostly I have been trying to decide what to dress up as for Halloween. We didn't last year and now that we are throwing a party, I thought it would be fun. We looked at the classics like Fred and Wilma, Caveman and Woman, Prince and Princess, Pharaoh and Cleopatra, etc.. But once I saw the flapper girl dress, I couldn't go back. So for Halloween this year I'm going to be a flapper girl and Chris gets to show his gangsta side. I am totally thrilled for Halloween this year. 
Here's a picture of my outfit. 

So I guess I owe my mom an apology.. Sorry mom. I love you. :) 

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  1. That's funny! What a different perspective you have now and oh, I love you, more!