Friday, September 9, 2011

hey bloggers..

Hey all you bloggers and non bloggers out there.. 

I need a recipe for a home made pumpkin spice potpourri. I know it sounds weird but here in good ole TVA we are not allowed to have candles. So I need to get creative. My favorite is pumpkin spice but I will take anything holiday smelling. The holidays have started (I count Labor day) and I'm want it to start smelling like it. :) Anyway, anything you have would be so helpful. Thanks! 


  1. Try this
    1 orange-quartered or sliced
    1 lemon-quartered or sliced
    Fresh cranberries (found in the produce area in small bags)
    Cinnamon sticks (found at Wal mart in by the crafting stuff).

    Fill a small pot with water and toss in potpourri items. You will only need a couple of cinnamon sticks and a handful of cranberries for each batch.
    Simmer (as low as you can) on stove all day long and just add more water when needed to keep it going.

    Have fun. I love you.

  2. I know you are probably making the homemade to save on money but have you ever heard of scentsy? I have never had one but a lot of my friends do and their homes always smell amazing! (and they do have holiday scents)

    We are not allowed to have candles in our apartments as well so they use scentsy. Its a jar looking thing that they plug in and it has the scent within it. I'm not sure exactly how it works (since I have never owned one) but like I said... the smells are amazing!

  3. I forgot to add the whole cloves to the recipe. Just throw in 5-6 of them.