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I guess I'm in the "Remember who you are or you're worth more than you think" kind of mood.  I recently joined in on the Pinterest club, if you don't know what that is, don't feel bad, I didn't either until a few months ago. It's another form of social networking.. sort of. You start by posting pictures of basically anything and then comment on it. You're thinking okay, isn't that why we have facebook? Well, this one is all pictures. I like it because I have found some good home ideas. Others like it for outfits or hair ideas or whatever. Anyway, I have some friends that also join in on the Pinterest fun.. I got on today and I came across this picture with the comment  "wow, she's perfect in every way".  It made me sick. 
Not just because I have gained so much weight, not because I am jealous, but because this friend of mine is amazing and she looks at this photo shopped model as "perfect".  This makes me sad. Yes, it is grea…
Things are looking good!! I have gotten rid of some big things and it's making my house look very empty. Usually I would complain but this kind of empty makes me so incredibly happy. I am in the best of moods. Furniture sold and tickets bought. Good, good news. 
I am ready for this move. Ready be close to family, ready to meet new people, ready to wear warm sweaters and drink hot chocolate. I'm ready. Officially. 
Fifty-nine days left on this beautiful island. Then onto the frigid mainland. 
Winter, here we come!!
I feel like I need to blog but I'm not exactly sure what about.  The last post has been up there a while. 
Today: This morning mom came over (I love saying that) and helped me watch a beautiful three month old baby. She had a pretty nasty blow-out so we laid her in the tub. Boy, did she like that. I love watching this girl. 
Dad got done working around one and we took off to Halewia to get us some shave ice. I love it. But I seem to love everything as long as mom and dad are around. 
We came back to pick up Chris and go play in the ocean. It was so warm today. Perfect size waves (for me at least) and no sharks. :) 
Then it was back to the house to change and go eat. We hit up Surfin Tacos,the Hawaii version of Cafe Rio. There we were accompanied by a very happy Samoan man who had a beautiful voice and good sense of humor.  
I'd say today was a pretty dang good day. I love this cooler weather. It hasn't changed much but let me tell you, the four degree's makes a difference.  Mom…


I cannot wait to have seasons. That's another reason I am so excited to move.  I saw a leaf fall yesterday and declared it "fall". Then today it's eighty-seven with sixty percent humidity. This is not fall weather.  One of my favorite parts of fall are the clothes; boots, jackets and scarves.  I found two very cute boots and I can't decide on which ones I like more.  We have option A: and option B:
I like them both. Which one do you like more? :) 

so excited!!

Hello everyone! In some strange way, I feel like I am on cloud nine again. That feeling of extreme happiness. The feeling like you don't have a care in the world. The feeling of sweet, sweet bliss.  My mommy and daddy are coming to save me! (haha) They are coming to visit Chris and I and I can't hardly stand it.  We have been so lucky this year to have lots of family and friends visit. The Davis' came in March. We had a blast. For the longest time I felt alone and abandoned out here. When they came it felt amazing. I love this family with all my heart. I can't wait to see them again. 

Then in July, Chris' brother Ryan came out! That was so much fun. It was almost a good as having my own brother come out... haha  We had so much fun with Ryan. We love him too. 

Shortly after Ry left, three of my best friends from High School came out to stay with us.  I loved having them stay and party with us. We stayed up late talking, laughed about good old high school drama and had a blast…