I feel like I need to blog but I'm not exactly sure what about. 
The last post has been up there a while. 

This morning mom came over (I love saying that) and helped me watch a beautiful three month old baby. She had a pretty nasty blow-out so we laid her in the tub. Boy, did she like that. I love watching this girl. 

Dad got done working around one and we took off to Halewia to get us some shave ice. I love it. But I seem to love everything as long as mom and dad are around. 

We came back to pick up Chris and go play in the ocean. It was so warm today. Perfect size waves (for me at least) and no sharks. :) 

Then it was back to the house to change and go eat. We hit up Surfin Tacos,the Hawaii version of Cafe Rio.
There we were accompanied by a very happy Samoan man who had a beautiful voice and good sense of humor.  

I'd say today was a pretty dang good day. I love this cooler weather. It hasn't changed much but let me tell you, the four degree's makes a difference. 
Mom and dad leave tomorrow. I'm sure I won't be as happy when I type up my next post. But them leaving means I only have 64 days left on this island. 
I will miss but, but not for a while. 


  1. We made it home but we had such a great time with you guys. I hope Chris didn't get too far behind on his studies while we were there. We were suppose to distract you but I'm afraid we distracted him too.
    You are doing really good! We are so proud of both of you. And you've got a lot of things to do in the next 2 months...find a home in Idaho, get your classes figured out, and sell all of your stuff.
    Thank you for being the best tour guide ever.
    love, mom


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