I guess I'm in the "Remember who you are or you're worth more than you think" kind of mood. 
I recently joined in on the Pinterest club, if you don't know what that is, don't feel bad, I didn't either until a few months ago. It's another form of social networking.. sort of. You start by posting pictures of basically anything and then comment on it. You're thinking okay, isn't that why we have facebook? Well, this one is all pictures. I like it because I have found some good home ideas. Others like it for outfits or hair ideas or whatever. Anyway, I have some friends that also join in on the Pinterest fun.. I got on today and I came across this picture with the comment 
"wow, she's perfect in every way". 
It made me sick. 

Not just because I have gained so much weight, not because I am jealous, but because this friend of mine is amazing and she looks at this photo shopped model as "perfect". 
This makes me sad.
Yes, it is great to want to look and feel your best. Yes, it is great to stay in shape. 
But I have been told all my life that comparing yourself to others can do the most damage to yourself. Because you will never be good enough for yourself. 
I wish I could say I am not guilty of this but I most definitely am. 
I think women are guilty of this. We are so hard on ourselves, when in reality we are amazing.  
Yes, there are days when I wish I were 30 pounds lighter than I am but I'm not. I'm me. 
And some days, I'm okay with that. :) 
"The measure of our lives is not in what we buy or how good we look, but in our divine heritage, our possibilities as children of God, and our application of the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives".
Barbara Day Lockheart


  1. I love this Sar! And of course, i love you! :)

  2. Amen, sister (daughter)! No one can measure up to those kinds of photos...because they are fixed with lighting, computers, fake parts etc.
    And those who continually try to replicate them are wasting their time, talents and resources.
    The women I know are better than this silly photo. They are hard working moms, dedicated wives, they are funny, creative, loving, kind, and they know that they are worth more than what this photo is selling. The women I know are the ones that will REALLY change the world, one day, one child, one act of service at a time.


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