so excited!!

Hello everyone!
In some strange way, I feel like I am on cloud nine again. That feeling of extreme happiness. The feeling like you don't have a care in the world. The feeling of sweet, sweet bliss. 
My mommy and daddy are coming to save me! (haha)
They are coming to visit Chris and I and I can't hardly stand it. 
We have been so lucky this year to have lots of family and friends visit.
The Davis' came in March.
We had a blast. For the longest time I felt alone and abandoned out here. When they came it felt amazing. I love this family with all my heart. I can't wait to see them again. 

Then in July, Chris' brother Ryan came out! That was so much fun. It was almost a good as having my own brother come out... haha 
We had so much fun with Ryan. We love him too. 

Shortly after Ry left, three of my best friends from High School came out to stay with us. 
I loved having them stay and party with us. We stayed up late talking, laughed about good old high school drama and had a blast touring thee island. That was the hardest I had laughed in a long time. Thanks girls. :) 

Every time we have had visitors, I get so excited they are here and then mid-week I realize they are going home. But then some one else comes to stay, so it's makes it okay. This time it's mom and dad. This time it's two people that know me best. This time it's the people who have always been there for me. Can you imagine how ecstatic I feel? 

Oh man oh man.. three days! :) 
I can't wait. 
I am the happiest girl in the world!! 


  1. We are very excited too!!! First time to Hawaii and you guys are there to greet us. I can't decide if I should pack one suitcase with food and house hold items or if we should just bite the bullet and shop when we get there. Hummmm?
    I made some homemade peach jam yesterday so I'll try to bring some.
    Oh, and you had one more set of visitors...the Skillmans! Even though they could only spend the day with you, it was kinda fun and sad all at the same time.
    See you soon!


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